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The Shelter Trust's 11th Annual Tinathon  

This year's event was due to take place on Friday 22nd May at Wests Centre.  Unfortunately, its seems that the coronavirus is likely to delay or preclude the holding of the annual Tinathon where, under normal circumstances we would ask people to donate tins of food that are used to support the homeless and vulnerably housed people of Jersey.

In response to a probable increase in homelessness and hardship arising from business closures and redundancies brought about the coronavirus pandemic, The Shelter Trust really needs public support like never before, and it seems that the only safe way to proceed at the moment is to ask the public of Jersey to make debit/credit card donations in lieu of tins of food via the below link to JustGiving.


There is only one thing that is absolutely certain in these uncertain times, it's a time to pull together and help each other.  Any donation big or small, will make a real difference at this time of crisis.

Please give generously.  Thank you.  Take care and stay safe!